Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When we started the Gallery O in the fall of 2008 and the track lights came on the lights in our heads came on as well. We realized that such a small space could contain, perhaps, some really big ideas. Shows were planned for the year with an unrealistic schedule of one show a month with openings, refreshments and crowds of people attending. It would certainly keep us busy on top of our already packed schedule.

With that said, the ‘Bird House’ show is the first gallery show since last summer. It is an installation of birds inside the gallery from our collections. Bird mobiles circle in the space and fly on pedestals, wooden crows line the shelves, mechanical birds chirp and tweet when someone enters the room setting off light sensors, and miniature wood houses are arranged along the shelves between the birds.

It may be a reference to the Alfred Hitchcock film, ‘The Birds’ that still haunts or merely a light hearted romp in avian pleasures. As the bird mobiles turn sunlight is caught and throws bird shaped reflections and shadows across the walls. Occasionally a shaft of light hits the sensors on the birds and they start a small private conversation about it.

Another newsworthy development and addition to the Gallery O happened last fall with an extension to the gallery space. How soon we outgrow the meager 8’ by 10’ gallery! The patio gathering space proved too difficult during the cold winter months here to have wine and refreshments for the openings. We have now enclosed the area and made it into a solarium and greenhouse more than doubling the Gallery O space. Now the walls are lined with plants and will soon be fitted with exhibition panels to extend the available wall space for future shows.

Stand by for the next phases of Galley O's future growth. Hmmm... The exclusive Cafe O with very limited seating and maybe even a conference space and convention hall.

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  1. A convention centre? What a great idea. That may be enough to tempt Natalie and me back to the AKA.